O' Brien Water Skis & Tubes at Weaver's

As an authorized dealer for O'Brien, Weaver's provides a quality selection of Water Skis, Boards, Tubes and accessories to make your water sports experience enjoyable.

Water Skis

O’Brien is proud of their ski heritage and wants to keep the tradition going. That’s why they manufacture such a wide variety of trainer skis, combo skis, and a range of slalom skis and bindings that start from an entry-level and go all the way to meet the demands of the top pros. As your skills on the water progress, so does their product line. So whether you are brand new to the sport and haven’t even gotten up for the first time or are already blasting turns in the course at 43’ off, there are O’Brien skis that will fit your needs.


O’Brien understands how much skimming across the water and bouncing off waves can generate excitement and fun for the whole family. They take pride in building a robust tube line that offers a wide variety of styles, ultimate durability, and top-of-the-line materials to maximize comfort.